Top 5: The Hair Necessities

With how much time I've been spending in the pool lately, I've been washing my hair most days rather than every other day as I'm typically accustomed to. I like to spread out washes to keep from drying my hair out, but when you're sweating in the sun all day, you can't exactly put off a shower! Thankfully, I have a pretty solid haircare routine that keeps my very thin, very flat hair from looking too thin or too flat. Here's what I use:

1. Head & Shoulders Dry Scalp Care shampoo
I used to think that all shampoo was pretty much the same. Cute, right? Now that I'm not living under a rock, I've come to realize that different types of hair need to be treated in different ways, which sounds really obvious but somehow wasn't for me. I've always dealt with general dry skin so this shampoo was revolutionary for me! It really has made a difference in moisture and it smells good, too! What more could you ask for?

2. LUSH Big shampoo
Every other week or so, I use this shampoo in place of my H&S. It's made mostly from sea salt and it's great for deep-cleaning your hair and removing product buildup without washing out all the natural oils on your scalp. It smells great and I think it does add some volume to hair, but since it's a little more intense than typical shampoo (and like five times the price), I use it sparingly.

3. LUSH Roots hair treatment
Y'all, this is my Holy Grail. I've always had limp, fine hair that I can't do a single thing with, and this product turned that around for me. It's technically a hair treatment - you coat your hair in it, leave it for a while, and then wash it out - but I mistakenly used it wrong and realized that it works great my way too. Instead of slathering it on, I use a few small dots of it along my roots and scalp when my hair is still damp, then blow-dry and comb out. It can feel a tiny bit crunchy (hence the combing) but I'm not kidding, it gives my hair a million times more volume and legitimately keeps it looking cleaner for longer. I'm not proud of this, but in a pinch I went three days without washing my hair and it still looked clean on the third day. When I die, I want this buried with me so I can do my hair in heaven.

4. Not Your Mother's Clean Freak dry shampoo
With my hair as flat and lifeless as it is, I've tried a lot of dry shampoos, and this is my #1. It smells great, lasts forever, and really does revitalize oily hair. I just flip my head upside down, spray all over (a little goes a long way), and then voila, instant volume. When I was in the hospital for a few days after my car wreck and couldn't shower, I used this everyday and looked fresh as a daisy.

5. Garnier Fructis Sleek and Shine hairspray
Y'all, it gets humid in Texas. Hair frizzes. It's bad. This hairspray is the key to winning the frizz war, and it smells great, too. I love this hairspray because it has great hold but it never feels sticky, heavy, or crunchy like so many other hairsprays do, no matter how much you use. It's just light and airy and it still keeps your hair exactly where you want it to be.

And there you have it! My top five go-to hair products that keep me (and my difficult hair) going. I should also note that I never brush my hair, only comb it, to prevent tearing, and though I do blowdry my hair with every wash to maintain volume, I always dry it on cool - never warm and definitely not hot. I've also just started taking Biotin supplements to hopefully help my hair grow a little thicker, but since I've just started them, the jury's still out. I'll keep you updated.

What are your favorite hair products? Any recommendations for fine, limp hair like mine? Should I try Batiste dry shampoo or stick with Old Reliable? Let me know in the comments!


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