Birthday Haul 2016

Happy Hump Day everyone! Hope y'all are having a good week so far. I definitely have been too - yesterday was my birthday, and even though I kept it very lowkey with just Will and my parents (and lots of food, of course), there was still a lot of love and celebration!

I'm at the age now where I don't really care as much about gifts and really just want to be surrounded by friends and family on my birthday, but that didn't stop my loved ones from spoiling me with some things I've really been coveting lately. I wanted to share them with y'all today to hopefully give you some ideas for your own wishlists!

I'm a sucker for nail polishes, and they make such great gifts! They're inexpensive, cute, and useful. My mom and I have been anxiously awaiting the release of OPI's new Washington DC collection for fall and winter so we went out yesterday to check them out in our local shop. (Look forward to an upcoming post covering the new collection!) 

From the DC colors, I picked up Stay Off the Lawn! (far left), which is a gorgeous dark green, and the really awkwardly-named Yank My Doodle (second from the right), which is kind of a rosy scarlet with slight orange undertones that will be perfect for fall. Not pictured, my mom bought a really pretty light berry called OPI by Popular Vote and a grey/brown-tinted mauve called Squeaker of the House. The other two pictured are Rich Girls and Po'Boys - the bright china blue from the New Orleans collection - and a gorgeous rose from Essie called Island Hopping.

The candle was a gift from my boyfriend, who understands my intense candle obsession. It's from Anthropolgie, which is a candle mecca, and the scent is Coconut Milk Mango. It smells amazing: super sweet and flowery but not at all overpowering. I love the scent but what really drew me to this candle was how pretty it is! I don't think the name of the scent itself would have made me pick it up if the candle wasn't so cute, but I'm glad I did. The container will be great to reuse once the candle's all burned down. 

I pretty much just asked for books this year, but as you can see, I got more than I expected! The planner is by Kate Spade and I fell in love with it at first sight a few months ago. It's oversized, which I love after having had a very small planner for the past year, and has a simple layout that's easy to keep up with and not at all distracting. I loved all the cute decorations and fun details of the Lilly planner I've had this past year but this one is a little more professional.

I was dying for Lauren Conrad's party planning book Celebrate, in which she plans a different party for each month and explains everything that goes on in the planning process, from creating the menu to picking an outfit to coordinating flower arrangements. As an= professional event planner myself, I absolutely love books like this, and I love Lauren Conrad so it was a no-brainer!

I also love Chrissy Teigen (check out these two Buzzfeed compilations of her best Tweets if you haven't already) so I was thrilled when I heard about her new cookbook. She's so down to earth that I knew it wouldn't be all green juices and salads, and it's not; as she says herself, she wanted to share her family recipes and the food that makes her genuinely happy, and basically everything in the book is drool-worthy. I can't wait to start cooking, and I love the added bonus of her comments on each recipe. It's like having a really cool, semi-drunk best friend in the kitchen with you.

The Jack Rogers sandals were a surprise when I opened them, but not as much in hindsight: my mom has the same ones and I borrow them like five times a week, so she probably just wanted me to have my own so she could have hers back! I didn't have any black sandals at all so this was a really welcome gift.

The weekly to-do list/planner is also from Will, and it's as much a gift for him as it is for me! I'm really excited about moving into an apartment and planning out meals, so with this I can figure out all the food for the week and consolidate it into one convenient list. I'm a very visual person that way. :) It's by Rifle Paper Co, of course, which is always a hit.

I've mentioned Emma Cline's The Girls before when it was on my must-buy list, and I'm so thrilled to have it now! I can't wait to get started. From what I've heard, it's the story of a girl who meets a small clique of cool girls in a park and befriends them, and then comes to realize as she gets closer with them that they're in a crazy cult. That was probably a terrible description but I'll update you when I've read it and know what I'm talking about haha!

What's on y'all's wishlists? Anything you love and think I need to know about before I spend my birthday money? Let me know in the comments!


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