Quick Life Update!

Last night was my last night in the Texas Hill Country, and wasn't it a beautiful one? As many ups and downs as there have been in the past year, I was ready for my next adventure in a new city, but it was a little hard to leave such a beautiful place. I've always said that Texas sunsets are the prettiest and I stand by that!

My life has been a lot of (slightly controlled) chaos this past week with not only the moving process but also lots of work, so that explains my hiatus this week! I hate missing post days but sometimes life happens - y'all understand!

This coming week brings a quick vacation (back to the Hill Country!) but I'm going to try to get a post in Monday before I leave. I'd love to share some links I'm loving lately and maybe show what I'm packing for my trip! I always love when bloggers I follow share their vacation essentials and WIWs. Be looking forward to that, and then to a much more scheduled, regular series of posts (MWF) when I'm back from my trip on Sunday and my life slows down a little!

Have a wonderful, safe, happy weekend!

xoxo Anna


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