Pins I'm Loving: Bathroom Edition

My cousin is redoing her master bathroom right now and her Pinterest page has been full of ideas and inspiration lately. I had never really thought much about bathroom decor but now that she's all about it, I'm starting to realize that I'm all about it too! For today's post, I wanted to round up some of my favorite Pins to share. Maybe you'll get inspired too!

How gorgeous and luxe is this? I absolutely love the idea of having a chaise lounge in the bathroom, if for no other reason than just to throw towels on. The colors in here are so calming; it kind of looks like a spa, or like a bathroom in a palace. Obsessed.

If your style is a little more industrial, this seems totally perfect: instead of a wall, use these super cool opaque window panes to create a separation of space. You could do the same in place of a shower door too! I also really like the juxtaposition of the rustic wood elements. 

This one is very similar, but with more of a focus on subway tile. Like the last one, I love how open and bright it looks!

I'm so in love with this tile/gold fixture combo. It looks like a bathroom a mermaid would have, and the pale blue color is so beautiful! Ideas like this would work great in guest bathrooms where you still want to make a statement but don't have as much space to do so as you would in a master. 

Speaking of tile, how gorgeous is this? I've never seen tile like it and I would seriously use it in every room in my house. It's so unique and it looks great with the simple furniture and color palette. It's really interesting to let the flooring be the focus of a room!

This Pin isn't so much about the bathroom itself as it is about the mirror. If you follow the link, you'll find a super easy tutorial on how to frame a giant bathroom mirror with shelves, which creates a lot more open storage in a space that might not have a lot of it. Such a great idea! 

Again, a super simple bathroom where the focus is really on the architecture rather than on the furniture itself. How cool is that little alcove for the bathtub? It's so elegant and understated, and I'm all about that. 

For anyone who loves a pop of color, how much more perfect does it get than this? An amazing printed wallpaper like this one, even just on one statement wall (which in this case might be the best way to do it), is so eye-catching and fun. It also allows you to go more simplistic on the furnishings and fixtures - bonus! 


Have you seen any bathroom inspo lately that you'd like to share? Drop me a comment and I'll check it out! 


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