Favorite Spring/Summer Nail Polishes

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Now that we're well into summer, it's definitely past time to jot down a list of my favorite warm-weather polishes! I did a similar post about fall and winter polishes last year and loved reviewing my collection, so I'm excited to add a seasonal update! Here are some of the polishes I keep going back to when the weather gets hot.

She's a Bad Muffaletta is maybe my favorite polish right now (and it definitely has my favorite polish name). It's a super bright, bold coral-y red from OPI's New Orleans collection that honestly kind of intimidated me at first, but it's so eye-catching and fun. This is definitely the brightest polish I've ever had but I completely love it.

Live. Love. Carnaval by OPI is one of my old stand-bys and it's never disappointed! It's a toned-down version of the above, with a little more pink in the pink-to-red ratio. I picked it out at a nail salon and then bought it right from the manicurist because I liked it so much!

My Address is Hollywood by OPI is a super girly pink that's not exactly subtle but not in-your-face by any means either. It's a great color to wear for work or anywhere else where you want to make a statement while still being pretty modest about it.

- OPI's I Eat Mainely Lobster is a definite classic that's always gotten rave reviews and high ratings. It's a shimmery pink with orange undertones that, from what I've seen, manages to look super gorgeous on anyone.

Toucan Do It If You Try by OPI is another really versatile pink-y coral. It's a little less shimmery than others in this palette but not matte, so it looks somewhat more mature and office-appropriate.

- For those of you who want to stay a little more subtle with your summer nails, OPI's Pink-ing of You is a great choice. My mom has the biggest collection of pale pink nail polish you can imagine and this is her favorite for the spring and summer, so if that doesn't tell you something, I don't know what will.

- Essie's Mint Candy Apple is one of the most popular nail colors by the brand, so it almost goes without saying that it should be recommended. It's a really cute almost-Tiffany pastel blue with green tones to it, and it's so perfect for spring and summer!

- Another from OPI's New Orleans collection, Rich Girls and Po Boys (how clever is that?) is a really gorgeous, bright china blue. It has the highest ratings of any of the amazing polishes in that collection so you know it must be great! 

- Essie's Imported Bubbly is one of my favorite sheer neutrals. It's a sparkly beige/gold that goes with anything, and it's subtle but I've seriously gotten compliments every time I've worn it. I bought it on a whim for a work event and I'm so glad I did! 

- I mentioned Essie's Marshmallow in my fall/winter post but I'm mentioning it here too because that's how much I love it! Like I said before, it's a really simple just-off-white that looks really flattering on any skin tone. I'm about to have to replace my bottle, I use this color all the time!

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Do you have any recommendations for great spring and summer colors? Leave a comment about it, and then looks at this great article from Town & Country to get some inspiration for your next mani/pedi! 


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