Travel: Enchanted Rock, Texas

In the midst of all the craziness happening in my life, I needed a day to totally unplug and unwind, and that came in the form of a day trip with Will to Enchanted Rock State Natural Area outside of Fredericksburg, Texas. We both love hiking so when we saw that there was an unusually cool June day coming up, we jumped on the opportunity to go.

Enchanted Rock isn't a hard hike. Will is a really experienced hiker but I'm not, and the only real issue that I had (even with the effects of my September back surgery) was my fear of heights as we scaled some pretty high rock formations, like the most famous one, shown above. (Sorry about my finger cameo in the corner - it was too bright to see what I was taking pictures of!) The views from the top, though, were so worth it. You can see forever from up there.

It kind of looked like an alien planet up on top, with little patches of grass. There was one that had a tiny pond with a fish in it - how?

The further up you went, the more barren the terrain was, so there was kind of a sudden line where all the trees and grass and flowers just stopped and it was all rock from there up.

It really was beautiful, and the Natural Area is easily big enough to spend all day on. There were a ton of little trails and things to explore, although we just focused on that main rock. I would love to go back and do more there though. It's suck a uniquely Hill Country place and I had never hiked anywhere like it before. I couldn't recommend it enough. 

If you're going out there, the closest town is Fredericksburg, which is the cutest little old community. It's heavily German so there are a ton of biergartens and bratwurst shops, and lots of antique stores for visitors to spend time in. It's definitely worth staying in for a night, and of course there are plenty of adorable bed and breakfasts. 

Also, any Texan worth their salt will recommend the Littlest Town in Texas, which is about half an hour from Enchanted Rock and has a population of 3, not counting the wild chickens that roam out there. The community is called Luckenbach and it consists of a dance hall and a minimally touristy gift shop with a walk-up bar in the back. People come from all over for the ambiance and the $2 beers, and after a long day of hiking, there's nothing better than listening to some live country music and drinking an authentic Texas beer. 


  1. I definitely understand what you mean about it looking like an alien planet but in the best way possible. I have got to visit Texas! :]

    // ▲ ▲

    1. You definitely have to visit Texas! There are some amazing hiking destinations, especially in the Hill Country. Although I checked your blog out and see you're from southern California so obviously you have lots of great hiking destinations too haha! LOVE your blog, by the way! Thanks for the comment! (:


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