Don't Call it a Comeback

Did you ever think you'd see me again? Probably not, and I'm really, truly sorry about that. Things have been CRAZY the past month or two, and that's been reflected in my recent hiatus. There have been some major ups and downs: a death in the family, a new job, my boyfriend finishing up his schooling and all the celebration that comes with that, and, coming soon, a relocation back to my hometown that I'm so excited about. Pretty much everything in my life has been in flux lately, so the last thing on my mind has been keeping up with a blog! That's going to change, though, starting today.

I thought I would come back to exactly the same number of pageviews and all the same stats that I had before, but I couldn't have been more surprised; in fact, Braid & Butter got even more popular while I was gone! Maybe I should just stay away, that seems to be working really well for me haha. I have hundreds more pageviews than I did when I left, including some from new readers in France, Russia, and Vietnam. That's so incredible! How did y'all even find out about this tiny little blip on the blogging radar? I love all of you so much! Thank you for continuing to read my posts even when it seemed like the blog was done. 

I'll be back with regular content tomorrow and start back to my Monday/Wednesday/Friday schedule, but I wanted to go ahead and give a quick update while I had time today. Things in my life are just starting to get back to normal and I'm more than ready to get back to blogging. 

Stay tuned! 

xoxo Anna


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