Shows I'm Binge-Watching

I have a problem with watching too many TV shows at once, and starting new shows before I've finished old ones. Because of that, I have 8 shows that I'm watching regularly, with another two about to start in the next month or so. For today's post, I wanted to spotlight some of them and make some recommendations for anyone looking for a good show to waste a few hours a week (or day) on.

Real Housewives of Potomac: I watch nearly all of the Housewives franchises, but this one is probably my favorite in recent memory. Maybe it's because this is the first season so all of the drama is fresh and new, but these women are so entertaining to me whether they're attending galas or chartering yachts or drinking at a crab boil. They're all so fabulous and uppity but also very real; they tell each other what they're thinking as they're thinking it, no matter how confrontational or critical it is, which is a nice break from how passive-aggressive the housewives usually are. I can't wait to see how this season plays out.

Vanderpump Rules: This is along the same lines as Potomac in that it's a trashy Bravo show with lots of drama. This one focuses on the bar Lisa Vanderpump owns (SUR) and the entitled, dramatic thirty-somethings who work there. I love this show because the cast acts like they're a bunch of college kids on spring break all the time, when really they're just bartenders who bitch a lot and sleep with each other. You'd expect this kind of behavior from, like I said, college kids, but everyone on this show is in their late-twenties to mid-thirties and this is the only job they have. The season finale is next week and I'm sad it's almost over, but that void in my life can be filled with the also-entertaining Southern Charm, also on Bravo, which starts up April 4th.

Fixer Upper: I love this show. Chip and Joanna are #relationshipgoals (without the four-kids-in-six-years part) and they do amazing things when it comes to renovating homes to fit their clients' personalities. Maybe it's because I'm from Texas and so are they, but I love the classy-quaint feeling of the entire show. Everyone's always happy, the renovations always go well, and the houses always turn out beautifully. This is such a good show to watch if you've had a bad day because it'll definitely cheer you up.

Flip or Flop: This, on the other hand, is more dramatic. Tarek and Christina always find a way to pick houses that have squatters, bug infestations, rotted floors, cracked foundations, asbestos, and other crazy issues that max out their budget and make it seem like mission impossible in terms of them getting a house renovated. They've had their houses trashed by partiers, broken into and robbed by squatters, and even had their car stolen out of their front driveway, and it's always so entertaining. I love that they always say, "Such-and-such is such a huge hit to our budget, there's no way we'll even break even on this house" and then they end up making a $60k+ profit. It's reality TV magic.

Transparent: This is the most beautiful, real, honest, heartbreaking show I've ever watched. It's enthralling. The story focuses on a male-to-female transgender father of three trying to figure out her new life while her ex-wife and three children deal with all kind of drama, from accidental pregnancies to questioning their own sexualities to divorces and more. I've never seen a show that, to put it in the most cliche way I can imagine, better captures the human condition. I laugh in every episode and I cry in nearly every one, too. This is perhaps the best show I've ever watched.

House of Cards: I started this show last week and have already finished the first season. It's so dramatic and dark, with much-needed moments of humor, and the acting is phenomenal. House of Cards is the story of a congressman who is willing to do whatever it takes to get what he wants, and it's like a car wreck because some of the things he does are just horrible but you can't stop watching. I love the cast and the insight it gives into what the dark underbelly of politics might be, and it's such an exciting show. It's practically impossible for me to just watch one episode at a time, but I'm going to have to slow down my bingeing unless I want to finish the whole show in a month!

So those are my top picks for right now! Are you watching anything especially good? Do you have any shows to recommend? Let us know in the comments! 


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