Floral Arrangement Tips

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As a certain notorious boss from a certain amazing movie once said, "Florals for spring... How novel." I know that there's nothing exciting or new about recommending flowers for spring decor, but I truly don't think there's anything better! Spring flowers are gorgeous - calla lilies, daffodils, hyacinths, orchids, ranunculus, lilies of the valley, and tulips work great in bouquets or on their own - and can easily make a huge impact on a low budget. Pinterest always has great inspiration for arrangements, or you could check out your favorite wedding blog for ideas. 

One of my biggest entertaining tips, especially for hosts and hostesses on a budget, is this: Don't be afraid to make your own arrangements! It's fun, easy, and best of all, pretty hard to mess up! 
Here's some of my quick and simple advice on doing just that, picked up from personal experience and a summer internship in a floral shop - hope it help: 
  • Start by picking out either one type of flower or mixing and matching a few that coordinate in terms of size and color. You don't want three types of huge flowers; pick a big focal point, some medium-sized secondaries, and a few small filler types to balance it out. 
  • Place the flowers in the arrangement according to size, from largest to smallest, and stop when you think the arrangement looks even and balanced. It's okay if there are a few filler flowers left - work those into your place settings or other party decor!
  • Clip the flowers to fit the vase or container you're using (buckets, bird cages, glass bottles, etc work great for spring too). You want to alternate stem lengths so there's depth and variety to the arrangement. Once you have them how you want them, place a flower frog or similar item (check your local nursery or craft store) in the base of the container and fit the flowers in. 
  • If need be, clip the stems a little more. Once the arrangement looks how you want it to, add some last-minute details, like pouring in some water and adding ribbons or other decorative touches. Get creative if you want but don't add anything that will take the focus away from the flowers themselves!
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Once you're done with the creation part, you need to think about the placement part. If you're creating several arrangements for a table, put the largest arrangement in the center and smaller ones radiating out from it. Otherwise, make them all about the same size. Keep arrangement height in mind too when designing for a table: medium-height can get in the way and block your guests' views of each other, whereas shorter ones are out of the way and taller ones make a big impact but don't block the view. Also, if you make a few smaller arrangements or the table still looks sparse, don't be afraid to mix in some candles or other decorations to fill the space and make the tablescape look fuller, as seen above.

Hope this has helped you! I love making flower arrangements, and they're such a low-cost way to make a really great decor piece for any event. If you're short on time, florists can bring your vision to life but there's something so charming about a DIY arrangement at a small get-together. Give it a try for your next party! You just mind find a new, rewarding, beautiful hobby.


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