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With Easter just a week away now, it's time to start thinking about what to wear to any church services, brunches, or events you might be attending. Pastels, florals, and longer hems are always a hit at this time of year so I thought I might do a little roundup of perfect Easter dresses for all styles and budgets to get you inspired for the holiday and for the start of spring! Here are some of my favorites.

Under $100

If you're looking for something very simple but still definitively Eastery, this cute dress from ModCloth is perfect. It's a sweet blush color with a simple but flattering neckline and a bow in the back to make it just that much cuter. Also, it's not too short so it'll be perfect for church or for brunch. 

If you're wanting spring-y, Lilly Pulitzer gives you two options: casual yet sophisticated and fun yet chic. Both are great for any occasion, and what's more inherently spring/summer than wearing Lilly Puliitzer to brunch? Lilly dresses have such a classic silhouette and are usually thought of as more high-end, but its important to remember that even us girls on a budget can afford it too! 

This dress from dee elle for Nordstrom has a little more detail than the others in terms of design and silhouette, and it's definitely not as obviously spring-y, but it does bring a kind of edge to Easter style that I think is very much appreciated. 

If you want to make more of a statement, embrace bright colors and fun patterns, like with this dress from ModCloth. It's simplistic in silhouette so that the focus can be on the pattern - and, trust me, if you wear this dress, you'll be the focus of the party too! 

For the ladies who aren't into dresses or anyone who's going to a more casual event, try a romper! This one is super affordable and has some really cool design details on the neckline that will make you stand out even if you're not wearing bright colors or patterns. 


I love scalloping on just about anything - shorts, purses, dresses, whatever - so of course I love this dress from Lauren James. It's bordering on summery with the seersucker fabric but if you're in a location where spring already has the weather heating up, go for it! The colors this dress comes in are cute and pastel and the cut is flattering on anyone. 

This vintage-inspired dress from ModCloth is sure to be a show-stopper at any event you may be attending. The cut is so interesting and flattering and you can be sure that no one else will be wearing a dress anything like yours! If you're into the off-the-shoulder look but want to make it a little more modern, try this one (same price range) from Madewell. 

I first saw this Eliza J dress on Pinterest about a year or two ago and fell in love, so I was thrilled when I found it on Nordstrom! It's a maxi so it's great if you want to look a little more modest while still looking high-fashion, and the pattern is really cool and modern without being in-your-face about it. 

Don't want to wear a dress? No problem. Check out this effortlessly cool patterned jumpsuit from Madewell, which is even on sale right now - bonus! J Crew also has this cropped-leg jumpsuit in a gorgeous navy at about the same price point, and if you're wanting something a little less sophisticated and a little more cute, try this romper or this crop top/skirt combo, both from Lilly Pulitzer. 

Over $200

If you're in a location where your spring is still a little cooler, try this dress from J Crew. It's cashmere so it'll be warm and cozy while you brunch, and no one knows cashmere like J Crew so you can be sure you're getting a quality dress for the price. 

My friends have always told me that Kate Spade shops are what my soul must look like, so of course I have to include one of her designs here! Her clothes are obviously on the higher end of the price range and this one is no different, but it's worth the splurge. I really love the watercolor-inspired pattern and the bright colors. Kate never lets me down! 

Another hit from J Crew, this maxi is technically marketed as a bridesmaid dress, but how perfect is it for an Easter brunch? The pink and blue options are both so cute and its modest without looking matronly. Just convince your friends to choose this for their bridesmaid dresses and you've killed two birds with one stone! 

J McLaughlin also has some great offerings in this price range. I really love this sheath dress and this swing dress especially for Easter. Prices at J McLaughlin can run a little high but the clothes they offer are versatile for any occasion, look great on any size or age, and are so well-made that they're worth the splurge! 

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Hope you've gotten inspired by (or even fallen in love with!) some of these suggestions! I love spring and summer fashion and this was such a fun post to put together. Do you have any additional outfit ideas to share? Want to show off what you're going to be wearing for Easter? Leave a comment below! 


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