Best of March 2016

To Watch
I know I mentioned this in a recent post but I'm loving House of Cards. It's so quietly dramatic and it just sucks you in. With Easter and work stuff, I've been too busy to watch an episode in almost a week and I'm dying to know what happens next! Even if you're not into political dramas, still check it out. It's approachably political and just too great to miss.

To Read
I picked up a new coffee table book recently (for my future coffee table) from Anthropolgie called Always Pack a Party Dress by Amanda Brooks, who has been influential in the fashion world for decades. Her book is part memoir and part advice column for all things fashion, with some amazing stories about her time in the fashion industry. Sometimes I have to take breaks from it because I'm seething with jealousy over her charmed life, but it's a great addition to any fashion lover's bookshelf (or coffee table).

To Listen
I went to SXSW this month here in Austin and saw PWR BTTM and Ezra Furman + the Boyfriends at Cheer Up Charlie's as part of the Brooklyn Vegan set. Both bands are representatives of queer culture in music and they advocate heavily for LGBTQ groups, which is awesome. I've loved PWR BTTM for a while and they were everything I hoped they would be! I loved finally getting to see them, and in such a small, relatively intimate venue. I'm a newer fan to Ezra Furman but they were great too, and I look forward to hearing more from both bands. Also, if you missed it the first ime, check out my International Woman's Day playlist.

To Eat
I've made some great, easy crockpot recipes this month! One that my boyfriend and I came up with was chicken and dumplings (a personal favorite) that couldn't have been simpler or more delicious. I made it again today, in fact! Cook raw chicken, two cans of cream of chicken, one can of low-sodium chicken broth, and two cups of water on High for 4.5 hours. Shred the chicken, tear up the biscuit dough into small pieces, put it all back into the crockpot, and keep cooking on High for another hour and a half - six hours total! So easy, so good, and plenty of leftovers for the week!

To Buy
I'm all about spring cleaning (at least in theory - sometimes I get a little lazy on the practice) so I'm looking forward to stocking up on new organizational items, along with a few other things I've had my eye on. Keep a lookout: my monthly "to buy" section is going to become its own separate monthly post!

To Laugh 
I saw this sweet video today of a dog who just doesn't want to leave the park! I know my two dogs would act exactly the same way, and I recognize that kind of behavior in myself when my alarm goes off in the morning too!

To Wear
Your rain boots! April showers, am I right? With all the storms passing over the US recently, it's important to make sure that you have some reliable (and cute!) rainboots to keep your socks dry when you have to venture out. I love my black Hunters and I just got my mom some tan/navy Bean boots for Christmas that she's been loving too. Look for an upcoming rain boot roundup post coming this month!

To Inspire 
Healthy eating! I know I preach this every month, it seems like, but it's so important. I started counting calories recently but still didn't feel my best, and I realized I'm so busy counting calories that I'm not thinking about the nutrition in my food. I'm really trying to get more fruits and vegetables into my meals - putting grilled chicken onto salad rather than onto whole wheat pasta, etc - and I'm hoping to tell a difference soon. Protein and whole grains are important, but try to fill at least half your plate with greens too!


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