Appreciation Post: Water

I used to never drink water. I almost always got eight cups a day, but those were cups of iced tea, soda, and fruit juice - not exactly the best things for me. When I turned 21, my issue got even worse with the addition of fairly frequent white wine and vodka sours. To be honest, it wasn't long after that that I started thinking about the negative effects of all the sugar and calories I was consuming per day just from the drinks I was choosing, and I got serious about more drinking water and less sugary stuff. 

At first, I honestly hated the taste of it, and getting eight cups a day was almost impossible. I felt like I was swimming in my own body when I reached my daily goal. I tried lemon water (with the added nutritional and digestion benefits) but didn't like that either, and I didn't want to add in any other flavorings or fruits because that would just get me back into the sugary drink issues I was trying to avoid. 

I needed some help, and I found that help in the form of the giant water bottle pictured above (cute, right?) and an amazing app called Plant Nanny. It's completely free and it totally changed my life! When you download it, you enter your height and weight and it calculates how much water a day you need, At 5'3" and murmur murmur pounds, I need 67 ounces, which is a little over 8 cups. Every time you drink a cup, you enter it into your app and it waters a plant of your choice! Here's my latest one: 

Isn't that so weirdly cute? I love seeing how the little plants grow in their little pots as you water them, and they actually keep me accountable for drinking my water because, when you don't get enough, they look sad and start wilting and it seriously pulls at my heartstrings. With Plant Nann'ys help, I get my 8+ cups almost every day, and now that I'm comfortably settled in my routine, I really notice when I get dehydrated. My skin feels drier and my hair loses some of its shine, and I get a lot more headaches - just like before I got serious about drinking water. It's amazing how quickly staying hydrated has impacted my daily life!

With all the benefits of water - healthy skin, digestive health, better immune system, more energy, and weight loss, just to name a few - it's incredibly important to stay hydrated. Apps like MyFitnessPal, My Water Balance, and Plant Nanny (my favorite) are great trackers to help you keep up your water-drinking routine. There's nothing wrong with adding some fruit juice, tea, or alcohol in when you want, but make sure you're getting your water too!

Do you have a favorite water tracking app, or any advice for us on how to keep up with our hydration goals? Let us know in the comments!


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