Oscar Party Tips

I love award shows, and I think the Oscars might be my favorite. There's almost nothing more glamorous; I mean, have you seen what's in this year's party favors? When you add in the caliber of the talent in the room and, of course, the fashion, no other award show really comes close.

This year, Will and I will be be attending an Oscar party with some couple friends, and I've been put in charge of designing the party! It'll be a small thing - I'm sure our fancy Oscars dinner will be take-out pizza and a box of Franzia - but that doesn't mean it can't look like a real event! To get some inspiration, I've turned to Pinterest (like I do) and rounded up the best decor and snack ideas. The nominees are...

For Best Drink: something light (not too strong) and glamorous-looking is going to be a show-stopper. I suggest SpoonForkBacon's blackberry and lemon gin and tonic. Gin and tonics are so classic on their own but this recipe is a really delicious and gorgeous take on them. 

For Best Snack Bar: how perfect is this popcorn bar by Loralee Lewis? She seriously thought of it all, from creating signature popcorn cocktails (poptails?) for each move (The Dallas Cheddar Club, 12 Years of Chocolate, Americorn Hustle) to the cute swag bags to the Oscar nominee nametags for the drinks. Loralee Lewis is generally immaculate with her events but this one is a real winner. This definitely wins for Best Decor too!

For Best Entree: I'm not going to lie, I always love pizza for an award show. It's easy, it's not messy, everyone likes it, and you don't have to worry about cooking before or cleaning after. You can always make your own pizzas if you want something a little more personalized. If you don't want to go the pizza route, pick something easy that guests won't have to pay too much attention to - food on a stick is great and can be really gorgeous - or keep it narrowed down to a big, unfussy buffet of finger foods that guests can just grab during commercials. Pinterest has a ton of great ideas to help you out here. Get creative and come up with some foods that coordinate with the movies for Best Picture! If you want to get a little more upscale with your food, look at this list of great snack ides from Buzzfeed. 


The great thing is that you can make this party as glamorous or as simple as you want. If you want to go all out, roll out a red carpet and ask guests to come dressed up for the paparazzi. If you want to be more casual, have them show up in pajamas and focus on the TV red carpet instead. You can buy (or make) all new decor or reuse leftovers from New Year's - black and gold always work if you're going for glam, as seen in this bar by B. Lovely Events and this one by Celebrations at Home. 

If you want a grand entrance for your guests, roll out a red carpet for them (these can be found at any party store), put up a glitzy photo op space (like The Subtle Statement's glitter wall), or even make your own Walk of Fame with your guests' names to line the front walk! This will make the guestss feel like a part of the celebrity action. 

You don't need to provide much entertainment outside of your TV screen, but a few fun activities could help through the moments that tend to drag on a little. Make sure everyone fills out an Oscars voting ballot before the show starts and then pass them out for everyone to grade each other's. Whoever guesses the most correctly wins a prize - maybe their own Ken doll-turned-Oscar? In addition, you can provide Mad Libs-style acceptance speeches (so funny) and Oscars Bingo, which requires a little creativity but is sure to be fun. 

Ultimately, make your Oscars party as stress-free for you rself as possible. Your guests will have fun no matter what you do, so prepare everything ahead of the time and don't fuss over cooking or decorating or anything (except for whether or not your favorite actor wins) so that you can sit and enjoy the show too. You'll all have a great time, eat some good food, feel a little glamorous, and end the evening feeling a little more cultured. 


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