Best of January 2016

So remember how I said in my last post that I would get better about updating? And remember how that post was about a month ago? Yeah, me too, good times. Life has been crazy this past month - I've had a new schedule to get acclimated to, new projects to get started on - but I don't want to use that as an excuse again. To be honest, I just haven't been prioritizing this blog like I want to. That's going to change though! I'm getting the hang of 2016 now and I'm working on organizing my life and sorting my priorities. You'll be seeing a lot more braid&butter soon and I hope you're as excited about it as I am!

Now, without further ado, I present my list of the best of January 2016!

To Watch
This month I've been marathoning a bunch of Bravo shows I somehow never got around to watching before. Some of them are almost over and I just started them a week or two ago. One of my biggest guilty pleasure shows ever is Vanderpump Rules, which my boyfriend and I practically obsess over. As someone who has lived a fairly drama-free life thus far, it's fascinating to watch that kind of craziness. Aside from that, did anyone else catch the live production of Grease last night? Grease isn't exactly my favorite musical but I thought it was great. The cast was amazing and there was so much energy throughout the whole performance. I was super impressed and I'd be lying if I said the songs haven't been stuck in my head since last night!

To Read
I'll admit it: I haven't been reading much at all lately. I'm still reading Everybody Rise. I can give a better, more informed review of it now, though! It really is good. I was reluctant at first because the dialogue seemed kind of forced and overly hoity-toity even for a book about the rich and elite, but that didn't last too long. I'm really enjoying it now and I recommend it for sure. I'm definitely going to get back into the routine of reading more!

To Listen
Well, I definitely ended the month listening to Grease, but other than that I've mostly been spinning some mellower stuff like Alex G (check out Bug), Frankie Cosmos (Young), and Tame Impala (pretty much everything). January is such a chill month - the holidays are over, there's nothing really going on - so I like listening to music that isn't too wild or crazy or uptempo.

To Eat
My boyfriend and I are making some serious efforts to cook more and eat healthier, and we've been eating a lot of grilled chicken. I typically cook it plain - just garlic and olive oil - and use it with other, more flavorful things like pasta or salads, but my boyfriend likes to marinate it first. We like to do a combo of garlic, barbecue sauce, and Sriracha, then add it onto some salad; it never disappoints, even if we cook it last-minute and it barely has time to marinate! We also tried this recipe recently (can you tell we love Sriracha?) over rice with some cooked sugar snap peas and it was great. We did think it was a little goopy though, so we might cut the flour in half next time and only use it on the chicken instead of both on the chicken and in the sauce.

To Buy
This soon after Christmas, shopping still isn't really at the forefront of my mind. I've been reserving my money for food and rent and not much else! If your holiday money is burning a hole in your pocket, though, experts say that February is the month to buy electronics. New models are coming out pretty soon and the big tech conventions happened in January, so prices are dropping on current inventory to make room for things that are coming out soon. If you're okay to not have the this-minute model (and why would you not be?), look into updating your TVs, your phones, or whatever else you use!

To Laugh 
Remember those T-rex costumes that started going viral around Halloween? Well, they're still making me laugh so hard I cry. I found a great Facebook page called TrexTuesdays that regularly posts videos of people doing funny things in T-Rex costumes. I laugh half to death every time I watch any of them, so maybe I have a problem, but at least it's a funny one! Check out the video of the T-Rex ice skating.

To Wear
I'm going through a tennis shoe moment right now. I love that they're in the comfortable niche between casual-as-can-be, running-to-the-store-to-get-milk and cool-girl-going-out-at-night-with-cool-friends. I'm still trying to find the right pair for me but I love styles from Nike, Adidas, and New Balance. Look how effortlessly cool they are just with leggings, a T-shirt, and a cute scarf or with a sweater and jeans. I love the colorful, floral styles but I think I'm going to end up picking a neutral like grey or black so thy can go with anything.

To Inspire 
Like I mentioned up top, my big goal this month (as well as moving forward) has been prioritizing. I make a lot of stupid choices on things that waste my time rather than enriching it, so I'm working on that. Instead of mindlessly watching TV shows I don't care about at night, I'll read a book or - gasp - even go to bed early. Instead of scrolling through Facebook for the fifth time in an hour, I'll update braid&butter or go for a walk. It's so important to find the things that enhance your experience rather than just finding the things that keep you occupied, and I encourage all of you to think about your daily choices like I've been trying to do!


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