Top 10: Skincare Tips for Winter

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Is this colder weather starting to take its toll on your skin? Same here. I struggle with dry skin all year 'round but it seems especially bad in winter. I've already done a post on my favorite moisturizers but today I wanted to delve more into skincare routines and tips for keeping your skin looking healthy and beautiful. Here are some good things to know:

Top 10 Skincare Tips 

1. Stay hydrated! Water is good for every single part of you but skin is definitely the most visible beneficent. If you're like me, water isn't as appealing in winter - I'd rather have coffee or something else to warm me up- but water is, of course, the smart choice. If you're feeling cold but need to get some more hydration, try simple detox water (hot water + lemon) or healthy hot tea.

2. Wear SPF! Even on those short, gloomy winter days, the sun is still creeping around out there behind the clouds. Moisturizer with SPF added in is a great way to kill two birds with one stone here - I recommend Aveeno Daily Moisturizer with SPF 15. 

3. Exfoliate! No one wants dead, dry skin hanging around. Make an easy DIY body scrub with olive or coconut oil, lemon juice, and sea salt that's strong enough to freshen up your skin but not too strong that you can't use it on your face as well. Plus, it smells great and the ingredients are great for nourishing your skin while they exfoliate! 

4. Moisturize! Use plenty of hand lotion, chapstick, moisturizing shampoo, and any other nourishing body products you like. Try to avoid moisturizers made with a water base and opt for oil-made ones instead, and don't use shampoos or lotions with alcohol in them because they can have a drying effect. 

5. Use a humidifier! I laughed at my college roommate for getting one when she complained about her dry skin a few winters ago, but she was totally right. It worked wonders for both of us by keeping the air in our room from being as dry as the air outside. You can find them for cheap so I recommend them if your dry skin is pretty severe. 

6. Avoid toners! Typically these products strip the natural, healthy oils produced by skin and result in dryness no matter what season it is, and this is especially a problem if your skin is already plenty dry. Some cleansers and other types of skincare products can have the same effect so be sure to read labels before you buy. 

7. Take short showers! Hot water dries your skin out more quickly than cold water does, so try to limit the amount of time you spend standing or soaking in hot water. Be sure to follow every shower or bath with a great moisturizer, and dry off thoroughly - don't leave water on your skin! 

8. Air-dry your hair! I know walking around with wet hair when it's cold is a truly miserable thing, but dry heat on your hair when it's wet can dry it out and make it brittle, especially in winter. Also, instead of using a towel to pat it dry, try a T-shirt; the material is softer and less damaging to fine and brittle hair. 

9. Go naked! No, I don't mean clothes, I mean makeup. The less makeup you wear, the less time you spend using alcohol-heavy makeup remover sheets or skin-drying remover creams. Take makeup off as soon as you get home and go without it as much as possible, like for a quick trip to the store or to see a movie where you'll just be in the dark anyway. 

10. Eat your water! There's such a fixation on getting those eight glasses a day, but there are a lot of food options that contain plenty of water. Fruits and vegetables are often mostly made up of water and are a great, healthy way to get some hydration, as are broth-based soups and other delicious wintery foods. 


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