Gifting List 2015

Christmas is only sixteen days away, can you believe it? Me neither! I feel like I'm so behind this year. Normally I start my shopping early but this year - my first year in a new city, all on my own - has been different. It doesn't help that no one in my family is giving me any ideas for them! I'm having to really think creatively (and peruse Pinterest and Buzzfeed) for good suggestions. Here's what I'm planning on giving:

My mom is the most giving person I know and, because of that, anytime I ask what she wants for Christmas, she says, "I don't know, what do you want?" Sweet and thoughtful but also maddening. It helps, though, that my mom and I are practically the same person so I can always guess what she'll like. This year, I have a couple of ideas in mind.

She absolutely loves entertaining, especially when she has her bunco friends over, so I thought some hostess gifts would be really cute. I love this gorgeous marble + copper serving tray (I'm asking for one too!) and this set of cake stands, which can obviously be used to hold cakes or can display anything else, from food to plants to decor. For some easy but really cute DIY gifts, I'm also looking at this cute appetizer plate set from karenstottblog and this Kate Spade-inspired serving plate - both only need the plates themselves, a gold Sharpie, and a few minutes in the oven to bake! 

My official hardest person to buy for. The problem with my dad is that if he needs something, he'll just go out and buy it, so by the time Christmas rolls around he has everything he needs. My solution for this is to buy my dad experiences rather than gifts; that is, instead of a new golf club, you get golf lessons with a trainer, and that kind of thing.
My dad likes typical dad things, but not the major ones that offer endless gift ideas, like golfing or doing handyman-type things with tools. Because of this, it can be hard to come up with things to give him. Instead, I like to give experiences. He likes cocktails and boating, so sending him to a mixology class or renting out a boat on the local lake for a few hours would be a hit. Groupon always has great deals on stuff like this, so if you don't know what gift to give, think about what experiences you can give them instead!

Like my dad, he's very difficult to buy for because of how practical he is. He's very high-tech and knows all the latest on technology, music, etc, so it's hard to surprise him with anything he's never seen before. He was generous enough to provide me with a list but they were all incredibly boring practical things like a new keyboard for his computer, a tire for his bike, and mechanical pencils. Not exactly the kind of things you'd want to surprise your SO with for Christmas. 

Instead, I like to do twists on some of his favorite things. If he loves a band with a new album out, I'll get him a foreign press of the vinyl or, if possible, tickets to see them next time they're in town. He loves art, too, so I've bought him some art pieces that fit in with the decor of his apartment too. My favorite things I ever gave him was a MovieBarCode; they condense every still in a movie into a tiny strip of color and push them all together to look like a colorful barcode. It looks like art, but it has a special meaning - whatever the movie is - that only the two of you know!

Probably the easiest people on my list to buy for. I've grown up with, gone to school with, and lived with these girls for years so I know them like the back of my hand and exactly what they like. Friends are also easy to buy for because of the sheer number of cool millennial-type gifts available; Pinterest and Buzzfeed always have great ideas for what to give to friends, so check those out if you're not quite as sure what to get your friends! 

My friends and I do cheap Christmas gifts for each other, since we're all either still in college or just now out in the real world. I usually try to get my friends cutesy things they can wear - I've gotten some scarves, socks, nail polishes, etc from them over the years, and I think of my friends every time I wear them! Functional but still special. This year I'm giving out some little perfume rollerballs and sample spritzers (I love Tory Burch and Marc Jacobs), some scarves (Target has great ones), and some cute little stackable rings or earrings (Madewell is the best for this).

- x -

Gift shopping is hard any time of the year, but as long as you make a plan and stick to it, you'll be fine! If you can, it definitely doesn't hurt to start jotting down ideas as you think of them throughout the year so you aren't frazzled with only a few weeks left to figure out what to get. 

Any gifts you're excited about giving this year? Know of any fool-proof gifts that work for anyone? Let us know in the comments! Happy shopping!


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