Christmas Decor for a Small Apartment

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This is my first Christmas in a Big Girl Apartment and let's just say that my holiday cheer is a little bit bigger than my space. I'm pretty limited in what I can do, since I only have my own room to decorate, I can't use nails in the walls, and I can walk from one side of my room to the other in six steps so floor space is at a premium. Because of this, I'm having to get creative about how to show my holiday spirit this year. Here are some of the cutest and most space-saving ideas I've found.

This is a really easy DIY from UKcraftblog. All you need are some pinecones, white paint, and red string! Even someone as craft-challenged as I am can figure that out. I love this idea because it's festive without being overtly Christmas-y, so it's a decoration that you can leave up all through the winter. 

This idea from iwastesomuchtime (lol) is more of a tutorial than a craft, but it's still super easy and decorative and, again, something that doesn't have to be in-your-face Christmas-y. Apparently when you cut out a shape in paper and use it over your camera lens, lights in your photo take the shape of whatever you cut out! Cute, right? I love the ideas of using a snowflake or Christmas tree shape, taking a picture of lights on a house or building, and blowing the photo up to hang on your wall. 

This is a super cute and easy, though slightly more time-consuming, craft from Glue popsicle sticks or craft sticks together to form any shape or size of snowflake you want, attach some string to hang them up, then paint them red, green, gold, or any other color you like! I love how creative you can get with these; like snowflake shapes, the possibilities are endless, an you can ix and match sizes and shapes for bigger spaces. Alternatively, you could use washi tape to create the designs right on the wall!


This decor idea from My Invisible Crown is a really cute and easy DIY. It's a hurricane jar (or a bell jar, or a glass bowl, or whatever large clear container you have lying around) filled with tree ornaments - simple as can be, but so festive! You can fill it with bright colors as seen in the picture or with more traditional red and green and it'll look great no matter what, or even use peppermints or other festive things as seen here from nauticalcollegeblog. The bonus is that this is a great way to start collecting ornaments you love so that, when you finally have enough room to put up a tree, you already have them ready to go! 

This is a cute idea that from that really doesn't take up much room at all! Put empty TP rolls inside festive baby socks to hold them up, then fill them with anything - candy canes, peppermints, jingle bells, whatever! Line them up on a windowsill surrounded by strands of lights or put them on shelves to fill up little empty spaces. They look like elf shoes! Love it.

This is a really rustic-chic idea from 12th & White that I love. It's a simple tiered cake plate with some fir tree trimmings positioned around the tiers to put a kind of twist of a Christmas tree. You could even put a few ornaments, some candy canes, or some (unlit!) votive candles mixed in with the trimmings to make it your own. An alternate idea would be to use cranberry twigs, as seen here on decorating-by-day, which would look a little more Christmas-y.


This garland from Ruffles & Stuff (a great crafting blog) really couldn't be easier. All you do is stick some gift bows on some string and hang it up on the wall, which is great because it conveys holiday spirit without taking up any space at all. I love the simple gold but again, you can use whatever colors you want. 

This is a really cute idea from Snow and Graham that works great whether it's for all-month decor or for a specific event like a dinner party. All you need are some big pieces of green paper and some little red fold-out wall balls (for lack of a better term - the people at any party store can tell you what they're really called) and, if you want, a canvas or some printed letters to spell out a holiday message. This is so cute and really simple, but look how big an impact it makes. 

I really love this idea from Domino. It's so simple and kind of has that Scandinavian look to it that's so popular in interior decorating right now. It would be cute to have this just up on a wall or even over a table with wrapped presents piled up underneath. This one has a couple of ornaments on it, and you could add clear strings of lights and even a little star on top to have the full tree effect when you don't actually have room for a tree. 

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I hope some of these ideas inspired you! There are really a ton of ways to decorate for the holidays, even if you don't want to get crafty. Put out some holiday-themed candles (mulled wine, fir tree, cinnamon, etc are all great choices), display your Christmas cards from friends and family, get one or two poinsettias, hang up a simple strand of lights around your window, and put out a plaid throw or two. As we know, holiday cheer is more a state of mind than a craft or a decoration! 

Have any decor ideas you want to share? Leave a comment! Happy decorating!


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