Favorite Fall/Winter Nail Polishes

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First of all, welcome to all my new readers! I mentioned last time that I had one in Russia and now I have one in India and another in Italy too! I don't know what I've done to deserve so many great readers but my pageviews have been multiplying like crazy this week. I love you all so much and I hope you love braid&butter!

Today I thought I would talk about some of my favorite nail polish colors for fall and winter. I just got my nails done yesterday while I've been visiting my parents so the topic has been fresh on my mind, and I love giving and receiving polish recommendations!

Like most people, I love darker colors in the colder months. I could wear dark all year long if I could get away with it, so fall and winter are really when I get to show of my favorites. Here are the ones I keep going back to:

 - Bobbing for Baubles by Essie is a very dark (much darker than it looks in the picture) shade of grey-blue that looks almost black in dimmer light but really shows its true color when lit up. This was the first dark polish I bought (aside from the cheap black I got in junior high that I hid from my mom) and I've continued to buy it. 

- Stylenomics, also by Essie, is another polish that looks very dark until lit up - can you sense a pattern in my taste here? It's a really gorgeous dark green, somewhere between emerald and forest, and I've also continued to buy it after several fall/winter seasons of wear. 

- Lincoln Park After Dark by OPI is a classic polish for the brand; there's also a Lincoln Park After Midnight, though I prefer this shade. It's a mix between dark purple, almost berry, and dark grey or even black that's super luxe. This is one of my very favorite fall/winter polishes.
 Lost on Lombard by OPI is a really rich garnet color that actually isn't that dark compared to what I usually like. I especially love it for Christmas because it's such a great shade of red, and so definitively fall/winter over the lighter, brighter reds that are more common in spring and summer.

Marshmallow by Essie obviously isn't dark at all, but I seriously love the idea of a winter white manicure. It's so clean and simple and looks great no matter which holiday you're dressed for! 

- How Great is Your Dane? by OPI is a new purchase for this year and I couldn't be happier! The OPI site says it's a brown but in my opinion it looks more on the grey side.  Either way, it's a really rich, smooth color that goes with everything. 

- You Don't Know Jacques by OPI is a little bit lighter and (at least in my opinion) more definitively grey than How Great is Your Dane? but still with those gorgeous touches of brown and taupe mixed in. If you want to go dark without going dark, this may be the perfect polish for you. 

- Glitzerland by OPI is a textured, shimmery shade of gold that's so perfect for the fall and winter holidays. I normally hate textured polish - I don't do shatter, glitter, etc - but this is done in a really great way so it still has that smooth look I love. I go for dark because of the cold but I make sure to have my gold on for holiday parties. 

I hope these colors inspired you for the fall and winter! I know I couldn't complete my cold-weather looks without them. What are some of your favorite fall and winter polishes? Do you stick to the darker end of the spectrum, or do you keep your brights on all year? Let me know in the comments!


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