Tailgating Essentials

If you're anything like me, you'd pass up just about anything for a good college football game, and what's football without a tailgate beforehand, am I right or am I right?  Nothing like hanging out with your girls, day drinking out of school spirit-themed stadium cups, and rocking your school colors while you wait for your boys to take the field.

Because I'm a graduate now and I live pretty far from my alma mater, I don't get to go to tailgates as much. However, I hope that many of my readers are still enjoying this time of their lives so I thought I'd put together a list of my tailgating essentials!

Here's the deal: the key is comfort. When I was a naive freshmen, I wore dresses and heels/boots to games, and that sucks. It just straight-up sucks. I remember hobbling back to my dorm barefoot one night because I thought wearing my new suede heeled boots with bows on them to a game would be great. Spoiler: it was hellish. When I used to tailgate and go to games, I was on my feet for about 10 hours and by the end of my freshman football season, I was wearing (cute) sneakers to games. Comfy is cute, and no one's going to respect you if you're leaving the game with 10 minutes left in the first because your shoes hurt.

I tried to keep it pretty nonpartisan in terms of team colors (except the purse), but obviously you should adapt to match your school colors! Show some pride, girlies.  

- Chair via Neiman Marcus (definitely on my Christmas list)
- Strawberries via Babble (look for these again in an upcoming post!)
- Jeans via Madewell (slouchy, roomy, comfy, chic - what more could you want?)
- Sweater via J Crew (cozy!)
- Shoes via Converse (so comfy yet always effortlessly cool)
- Purse via Michael Kors (obsessed with this color, which is also my one S/O to my team)
- Tumbler via tinytulip.com by Lilly Pulitzer (I like that it says BFG but obvi use your monogram)
- Sunglasses via Tory Burch (these are the ones I have and I love them!)

Do you like tailgating or are you more of a drinking-Moscato-while-watching-from-the-couch type? Let me know in the comments!


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