Fall Craft Ideas

I'm going to preface this post by saying that I'm not the craftiest person ever, even though I served my time in a sorority. What's the crafting-equivalent of a brown thumb? Idk, but I have it. Regardless, my complete lack of ability doesn't stop me from trying my best, or from wanting to try! Since I have a lot of free time coming up with my job, I thought it might be fun to fill that time by doing something productive! Here are some crafts I'm going to try:

via themerrythought
How cute (and simple!) are these? I love how foolproof yet simple and chic they are. Even someone as craft-challenged as I am can totally pull these off and make them look super cute, and they must be super inexpensive to make!

via MyAdobeCottage
I saw this cute pillow on Etsy (sold out now) but it'd be super easy to make yourself! Just get a little pillow, a canvas pillow cover, some black paints, and a little bit of cream fabric! These would really go with just about any decor and I guess you can just flip it over for all-year use if you want!

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These are sold out on Etsy too but they might be even easier! Again, get a cheap little pillow and a canvas cover, and then you can just paint or even stencil on the paint! These are super cute and easy, and you could do them in any color combo, from black/white to purple/orange to whatever!

via funhomethings
This looks a little more labor-intensive, but I looked at the step-by-step (here) and it's really not hard at all! It looks really cute and rustic and, since the stem part is made of cinnamon sticks, I bet it smells good too! Total bonus.

via offbeathome

How cool are these? They may be a little above my skill level but I think with some patience and a steady hand, these would be super cute for a yard or even just to put around your house. I especially like the effect of having several of them in a little flock.

I'm going to start working on these pretty soon and let you know how they turn out! Hopefully even I can handle these quick, easy, inexpensive crafts.

What are some ways that you decorate for Halloween? Have any crafts you're proud of or any you want to make this season? Let me know in the comments!


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