A Beginner's Guide to Color Correction

Now that I'm out of college and in the working world, the bags under my eyes are less a source of pride and more of a minor embarrassment. Friends and coworkers don't ask "Do you have a big final this week?" anymore; rather, they say, "You look terrible. Have you not had your morning coffee?" Growing up is hard.

To combat this issue, I picked up a new color corrector to help mask my undereye circles a little. It's the ColorFX NAME HERE, and I got it because the woman at Sephora said it would work. Thankfully it does - more on that later - but while I was checking out, I was thinking, I sure wish I knew what I was doing so I wouldn't have to blindly rely on salespeople. The people there are great but I've made it a goal to know more about the products I buy before I buy them, so I thought I would do some research on the matter and try out a couple of different products to see what works best. Here's what I've learned.

Color Options

Yellow: perhaps the most-used concealer, great for lightening up any dark spots like bruises or undereye circles. The color lightens and evens skin tone well so it can create a good base for makeup.

Pink/Salmon: lightens skin tone (especially sallow olive skin) and hides dark spots such as undereye circles. 

Orange: best for clearing up any kind of trouble spots on darker complexions. People with light skin tones should steer clear, or go for a much lighter shade of orange like apricot. 

Green: combats redness from acne, rosacea, even sunburn.  

Blue/Purple: reduces sallowness, pastiness, and yellowness in the skin and lends an overall healthy, awake glow to the face. 

Product Recommendations

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer: this is my dream spot corrector. It has a teensy little brush so you can just cover up the little flaws on your face, which I love on ordinary days when I'm only doing makeup basics. The concealer is creamy and blends perfectly without having to use any other masking products. I can't recommend it enough.

ColorFX Cream Concealer: this is my go-to product for when I want to even my skin tone as a whole rather than just tackling a spot or two. It's not heavy and all and blends in rather than just sitting on your skin, which I hate. The colors look totally natural and work great for all-over face coverage as opposed to just spot treatments.

Bobbi Brown Corrector: Bobbi Brown was the one who said that "concealer is the secret of the universe" so I figured she'd know what she's doing! This one is great for concealing undereye circles and any other larger dark spots you may have. I also put it on my eyelids to lighten them up a little, which makes me look overall more awake and fresh-faced. It isn't heavy at all and it goes on super smooth.

Once I start running low on these I think I'm going to try out Benefit's Fake-Up, which I've heard fantastic things about for ages now. Are there any products you love and want to recommend? Tell me about them in the comments!


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