Top 5: Blog Spotlights

For my first real post, I thought I'd spotlight a couple of blogs I follow. This way, y'all will be able to see the kind of things that inspire me in my blogging, and some really great bloggers might get a little bit more attention!

1. The Guilty Girl.
This is a really great lifestyle blog. Tami is a sweetheart with a lot of enthusiasm and she makes some fantastic recommendations on things to see, read, listen to, eat, and think about in addition to posting fun and enlightening videos. I love seeing all her new finds and the way she writes is so genuine. Reading her blog is like having coffee with an old friend.

2. Beauty Bets.
Elizabeth (aka Bets) is a really amazing fashion and beauty blogger with a talent for designing flatlays and the most professional-looking blog I think I've ever seen. She writes about all kinds related to the beauty world, from diets and detoxing to the importance of self-love to the latest in product news and releases. Her blog is such eye candy.

3. Behind These Closed Eyes.
Kirsty is a great beauty blogger with some really fresh and interesting perspectives on makeup (a fairly recent post was about purple eyeliner!). She provides great information about really affordable and accessible products, which is great when you're looking for new things to try without wanting to make a huge financial commitment. Her writing style is super professional while still being casual and conversational. This girl really knows her stuff.

4. A Girl, Obsessed.
Mandy is another beauty blogger (can you tell that I have a slight obsession with beauty products?) and she was actually a huge motivator for me to get braid&butter up and running. She's so candid not just about the products she uses but also about her personal blogging experiences. She has a lot of great post ideas and advice for newer bloggers, and she's never afraid to talk about her mistakes so that other people won't make them. I really recommend this blog for anyone looking to start their own!

5. The Sunday Chapter.
Angela is a lifestyle blogger, so she posts about all kinds of really interesting and fun things, from recent trips she's taken to beauty products she uses to interior design inspiration to tips for wellness. Her whole blog is so relaxing to read and I'm not going to lie, I kind of wish I had her life. She's so effortlessly chic and I love reading about her latest experiences and getting her perspective on all different kinds of things. I love that she's so ready to blog about whatever she wants without falling too much into a specific niche.

This isn't a comprehensive list of the blogs I keep up with, but these are my top five, must-check-to-complete-my-day blogs. I hope they can inspire you like they inspire me!

- Anna


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