Halloween Movies

Tomorrow is the first day of October, and that means one thing: the (socially acceptable) start of Scary Movie Season! I LOVE Halloween movies, from silly to scary, and I want to share a few of my favorites to help get you into the Halloween spirit!

The Silly (1/5 on the Spooky Scale)
Beetlejuice. This movie is a classic and its soundtrack is pretty much as good as it gets. I've seen it about a thousand times and still laugh at the jokes, but maybe I just laugh easily. Beetlejuice also has the best art direction and costuming of any movie on this list. My dream Halloween costume is Winona Ryder's red wedding dress - maybe that's what I'll be this year?

Halloweentown. I don't mean to do the "You know you're a 90s kid if..." thing, but this movie was basically my childhood. I haven't seen it in ages and there's a pretty good chance that it's not he cinematic masterpiece that I remember, but it's cute and Halloween-y and what more do you need, really?

The Nightmare Before Christmas. I typically consider this to be more of a Christmas movie, but it works for Halloween too! This is just a good-natured story with a cute message and songs that will get stuck in your head. It's definitely a cult classic but pretty much anyone would like it, and the stop-motion is pretty great.

The Spooky (3/5 on the Spooky Scale)
The Omen (original). This is probably the best classic "creepy kid" movie, and for good reason. Damien is a genuinely creepy kid. I love the kind of slow-burn of suspense and spookiness in this movie and it's really just kind of aesthetically pleasing to watch. My parents wouldn't let me watch this until I was like fifteen and it still kind of scared me, no shame.

The Shining. Quite possibly my favorite scary movie. This is such a classic, from the art direction to the genuinely creepy hotel it's set in to the acting (except maybe not Shelley Duvall and her perma-horrified face). It may be a little cheesy in parts (again, Shelley Duvall) but it makes up for that twice over in creepiness - the twins, the elevator, the growing suspense of everything. Love it.

Psycho. I had forgotten how good Psycho really is until I saw it again last week (kicked my Halloween marathon off early) but it's great. Did you know that they chose to make Psycho in black and white because they thought the shower scene was too graphic to be in color? I think that's adorable, and I actually think the black and white adds to it. Even when you know the twist at the end, it's such a good build-up to genuine creepiness.

Let the Right One In. The most recent movie on my list but definitely a good one. There's an American remake called Let Me In but the original Polish version is pretty impossible to improve upon. This is a little gorier than other movies I've listed (it's about vampires) but it's really artfully done and kind of gorgeous overall, and the kids in it are spectatcular.

The Scary (5/5 on the Spooky Scale)
The Blair Witch Project. Idk if it's the found-footage style of filming or the sense of isolation and hopelessness or the fact that I watched it for the first time at home alone during a thunderstorm, but this movie SCARED me. It's so creepy because it's so realistic and believable and, realtalk, I had a problem with corners for a little while after I saw it. Judge if you want.

Carrie (original). The acting and premise are so perfect that it seems like a totally believable story that could be happening in Small Town Anywhere (except maybe the supernatural powers part). The prom scene is classic and for good reason, and the very end - you know which part I'm talking about - freaks me out every single time!

The Woman in Black. Yeah, it has Harry Potter in it, but that doesn't mean it's not super creepy. It's a really pretty movie with several jump scares, which really terrify me. The story is a good one too; it's a lot more than just "lonely man in creepy haunted house." This movie maybe isn't traditionally scary but I'm giving it bonus points for the jump scares and for Daniel Radcliffe. Wouldn't you? 

As for movies I'm wanting to watch this Halloween season, there are several! I'm planning on hitting up Netflix for The Babadook, The Taking of Deborah Logan, Twixt, Contracted, Starry Eyes, A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night, and V/H/S (at the suggestion of my boyfriend). I'll let you know if you need to catch any of them!

What are your Halloween must-watches? Let me know in the comments!


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